One of the main objectives of the Ugandan North American Association is to promote the economic interests of the Ugandans in the Diaspora. During the UNAA Annual Conventions a whole day has been set aside for a Trade and Investments Forum at the start of the 3-day Convention. In addition to this day, the UNAA convention program makes time for other smaller business forum meetings to cater to the needs of Members who may have missed the full day event.

The main objective of Trade and Investment forum is to facilitate the exchange of information and create an enabling environment for trade and investment between Ugandan Diasporas, private businesses and government agencies in North America and their counterparts from Uganda. The forum makes available opportunities which Ugandan Diaspora Communities can seize and exploit. Participants in the Trade and Investment Forum usually have the unique opportunity to engage top government and company executives in a conference setting.

Additionally, UNAA has expanded the program and now holds various forums throughout the year to address issues that pertain to Ugandans living in North America such as; US Business ownership and recognition.  This forum would be targeted at starting a process of recognizing members of our community who own their own business ventures and sharing information.  For example, I can highlight the benefits of registration as a minority and/or small business at the local, state and federal levels. Taxation and what to take note of while filing one’s taxes, Real Estate in the US and in Uganda, Investing and Trading in Stocks, etc.

Click on the following links to view some of the past Forums and watch out for the upcoming forums during the year.