Giant Causes: A new way for Ugandans to raise funds for charities
A new fundraising platform is aiming to offer a similar experience to GoFundMe, but with the advantage of convenient payments and delivery of funds. Meet Giant Causes (, a platform that was founded by a team of Ugandans in the diaspora. Andrew Muyanja, one of the founders, says the idea arose from a moment of need. “We had a relative who needed to travel abroad for cancer treatment and GoFundMe did not provide a unified-enough experience for friends and family that wanted to chip in both in the diaspora and in Uganda.” According to their website, Giant Causes is a fundraising platform connecting people with inspirational causes to a global network of ordinary people willing to lend a hand. “No contribution is too small to make a difference. At Giant Causes we imagine a world in which compassion is turned into action and together, little by little, we move mountains,” says Muyanja. The platform’s team protects users by “thoroughly vetting all our campaigns to protect donors from fraud.” It accepts donations via mobile money, debit and credit cards and paypal. Its first beneficiary was Baby Rapha, a Ugandan baby born with one artery instead of the normal two. Over 23,000,000 Uganda Shillings was raised via the platform.


  • How can I register my children as members from Uganda?

    • Hello Annet. UNAA members are required to be residing in North America. Thanks.

  • This is a very good and big thought. Thanks for taking a step to Andrew Muyanja. Abantu abamu bwebajja eno berabira abewaabwe.

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