UNAA Repatriation Program

Ages 19- 99 years
Signing up $110 (90 Initial fee & $20 Administration fee) (6 Month Waiting period)
Replacement fee dependent on # of deaths in the plan.
Death Benefit $15000
Children 0-18 years are signed up free (Same death benefit $15000)

UNAA Life Insurance Program

Ages 0-17 years $7.20
Death benefit $7500
Ages 18-64 years $231 per year
Death Benefit $25000 (In event of death within the first year of sign-up benefit is $12500)
No Waiting period
Ages 65-69 years $115.56
Death benefit $12500
Ages 70 and above $ 23.16
Death benefit $2500

Note: The UNAA Group Life Insurance is by Cultural Group Benefits Insurance Program through Hartford and the UNAA Repatriation Program is by UMOJA.
For more details about the program contact Mrs. Georgina Kirunda, MSc., M.P.H; UNAA South East Regional Representative (404)374-1233.
Please send payments via Cash App or Zelle directly to Mr. Godfrey Nyenje (UNAA Treasurer) (224)280-9419