UNAA VP – Update and Guidelines on COVID-19
UNAA Vice President Lydia Natoolo is one of the Healthcare Professionals at the front lines in the fight against the COVID-19 Outbreak. She compiled some important updates and guidelines regarding Coronavirus. The information in this update includes:
  • Health Advice
  • Federal and Local Government Response
  • Private Sector Assistance
  • Educational Resources
  • Coping Advice
We hope that this update will improve your knowledge on Coronavirus and help us all to stay healthy – physically and mentally. UNAA is committed to ensuring that the right information reaches our members, that our members stay in good health, and that our children do not fall behind education-wise in this trying time. More updates will follow.


  • Will the Una convention take place this year ? 3/09/20-7/09/20

    • Hello Simon. An official communication will come from the President shortly. Thank you.

  • Hello.. Will una take place this year

  • Hullo!
    I would love to be a member coz y guz do amaizing things.
    What makes you a member ??
    How much ??
    Which mode of payment??
    Which banks ??
    And after payment how will I know I have become a member?

    • Please purchase a membership and you will automatically be enlisted as a member

  • Wanted to know the mode of payments

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