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My deepest gratitude to all of you for a memorable and extraordinary year. I wish you and your loved ones good health, happiness, and optimism in this third year of our administration and to let you all know that here we come again, —Bolder, Braver, Stronger, and Ready for the Unknown!

May I take this moment to send my condolences to those that have lost loved ones, congratulate those that have celebrated milestones, pray for those of you that are sick, and empathize with those that are having any form of hardships as we continue in our third year of Leadership.

In many ways, 2022 is an extension of the ongoing challenges our community faced in 2021. The pandemic and its new variants have continued to linger and we learn to live with it and its aftermath but continue to promote and emphasize vaccination as the main preventative and remedy of this disease. Fatigue and weariness have been established in most existing nonprofits such as ours, as we continue to confront challenges often out of our control. Financial pressures, increased service demands, staffing instability, and virtual vs. in-person dilemmas have been persistent as the virus itself for the past two years, but we are moving on and reclaiming our lives to get back to the new normal.

Our administration has been blessed with a team of dedicated volunteers and we continue to write a new and better chapter in UNAA every year as we continue to serve you. As stressed in UNAA’s objectives, we continue to stay active and progressive as we follow the democratic principles that guide us in leadership.

We, therefore, head into the next annual gathering with some of our latest successes notably that range from strengthened fruitful partnerships with local communities and special interest groups, individual to collective business initiatives, advocacy for our Diaspora rights to the Ugandan Parliament, and the Ugandan missions,  bringing UNAA to the palm of your hands through technology and adding value to our members, sponsors, and well-wishers, promoting Trade and investments between US and Ugandan counterparts, & welfare advocacy to our Ugandan Communities here in North America and back home.

Remember, you are all UNAA ambassadors, so as we continue on this successful journey, let us unite and work collectively for UNAA’s growth and advancement to attain our full potential. The onus will always fall on the rest of us to shine a light on what isn’t readily visible. Always remember, ultimately this isn’t about my administration or any one individual that leads you; For we shall succeed or fail together as UNAA to the Bystanders.


Thank you for Standing with UNAA and May God bless you all,


Henrietta Nairuba Wamala

President & CEO, UNAA on behalf of the Ugandan North American Association Leadership.

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