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UNAA and its members are dedicated to uniting members and Ugandan communities globally to bring about positive change in our societies. Here are some of our programs. Fell free to Get in touch with us if you need more details

UNAA Trade & Investment Forum

One of the main objectives of the UNAA  is to promote the economic interests of the Ugandans in the Diaspora. During the UNAA Annual Conventions, a whole day has been set aside for a Trade and Investments Forum. Read More

UNAA Well Care Workshops

Workshops aimed at promoting financial and physical wellness among Ugandans in the diaspora. Read More

UNAA Repatriation & Life Insurance

The UNAA Group Life Insurance is by Cultural Group Benefits Insurance Program through Hartford and the UNAA Repatriation Program is by UMOJA. Read More

UNAA Education Program

When we took office, President Henrietta Wamala promised to unveil the UNAA Scholarship Initiative Program and also build partnerships with Universities that would offer educational scholarships to our UNAA members. Read More

UNAA Trade & Investment Partnerships

UNAA is creating opportunities for Ugandan-based businesses by partnering with professionals.

UNAA Community Awareness

Forums that address social issues that affect us such as End of Life Decisions, Raising Children in North America, Religious and Interfaith gatherings etc.

UNAA Immigration Assistance

UNAA leaders continue to work hard to look for resources, consult with Immigration lawyers and share information with members that can help those with Immigration needs help them find affordable or even Pro Bono services. Read More

Miss Uganda North America

A partnership with Inzozi Fashion House that empowers young Ugandan women  Read More

UNAA Professionals Connect

Professionals Connect is a new UNAA program that organizes focused professional meetups for members and similar professionals in their community.

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