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8:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday to Friday

The Board of Trustees (BOT)established the Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) in July 2019 to review and propose amendments to the 2010 UNAA constitution. Since then, the CRC has for nearly two years reviewed, analyzed, and come up with recommendations that should be considered by all UNAA members in the process of amending the 2010 UNAA constitution.

Accordingly, the CRC is glad to present to you the first draft report of recommendations toward the amendment of the 2010 UNAA constitution. In this process, the CRC has, thus far, held meetings and discussions on these recommendations with the three co-equal organs of UNAA; the BOT, the Executive Committee, and the UNAA Council.

The CRC has also held discussions with the two UNAA Standing committees; the Rules and Disciplinary Committee (RDC) and the Electoral Commission (EC).
The CRC is now ready to meet, discuss, and gather views from the UNAA members, the supreme organ of UNAA during virtual town hall meetings to be announced soon.

In the meantime, you are all invited to read the CRC first 2021 draft report of recommendations towards the amendment of the 2010 UNAA constitution.


Nicholas Wakou CRC Chairperson
Tendo Kaluma CRC Vice Chairperson
Samuel Muwanguzi CRC Secretary
Albert Bakasara CRC Committee Member
Domiano Kigoye CRC Committee Member
Alexzander Asea CRC Committee Member
Georgina Kirunda Rep South East (S.E) Region
Gilbert Byron Mulaabi Rep South-West Region 2
Moses Kamya CRC Committee Member
Ocheng Jany CRC Committee Member
Fred Byabagye CRC Committee Member
Johnson Makoba CRC Committee Member
David Makumbi CRC Committee Member
Charity Miti Kavuma CRC Committee Member
Joshua Mugerwa CRC Committee Member
Michael Kimbugwe CRC Committee Member
Monica Tindimubona CRC Committee Member
Richard Muhunde CRC Committee Member