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charles muvawala

With a clear vision and unwavering determination, Charles Muvawala’s aim is to propel the UNAA into a future defined by progress and inclusivity. Join us in celebrating his appointment and look forward to an exciting chapter of growth and positive change under his leadership.

Charles Muvawala
UNAA Vice President

Meet Charles Muvawala, the dynamic force behind UNAA’s recent strides towards a brighter future. Hailing from Boston, Massachusetts, Charles brings over a decade of dedicated service as a UNAA member, along with a wealth of experience in his new role as the organization’s Vice President.

Known for his exceptional mobilization skills, Charles has consistently demonstrated his ability to rally support and inspire action. His reputation as a great mobilizer has made him an invaluable asset to the UNAA community.

Beyond his administrative prowess, Charles is a philanthropist at heart. His dedication to charitable causes has touched the lives of many, leaving a positive impact on communities both near and far.

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