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cyrus mukisa

As a youth male representative in UNAA, Cyrus serves as a voice for the younger generation, and to help the organization understand and address the needs and concerns of young people. With such a wealth of leadership skills and community engagement, Cyrus Mukisa is likely to be a valuable asset to UNAA and the wider community he serves. His contributions and experience will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the organization and its initiatives.

Cyrus Mukisa
Male Youth Representative (USA)

Cyrus Mukisa has a substantial track record of leadership and community involvement. His experience as the Youth Male Council Representative of the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA), along with his prior roles as President and Vice President of the Ugandan American Association of Greater Dallas-Fort Worth (UAA-DFW), demonstrates his dedication to the community.

Furthermore, his volunteer work with organizations like the Red Cross, Remnant Generation Ministries, Yonder Life, and as a Youth Leader at New Wine Church showcases his commitment to humanitarian causes and his ability to work effectively in diverse settings.

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