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David Kasolo

Guided by the core values of UNAA, David Kasolo is committed to fostering unity, collaboration, and positive change within the South East Region. His leadership is rooted in the principles of inclusivity, community empowerment, and the promotion of cultural heritage. Through his strategic vision and dedication to service, David aims to leave a lasting impact on the UNAA community in the South East Region.

David Kasolo
Representative South East (S.E) Region

David Kasolo, the newly appointed UNAA representative for the South East (S.E) Region of the United States, is a dedicated individual with a passion for community service and mobilization. Hailing from a background rich in commitment to philanthropy, David brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his role.

The South East Region of the USA, under David’s representation, covers states such as Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and others. David envisions representing his region through a combination of mobilization activities and charitable initiatives, aiming to strengthen community bonds and enhance the well-being of its members.

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