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Fahad Kizito

Fahad Kizito’s dedication to the UNAA’s mission of promoting democracy and inclusivity extends beyond his role in the electoral commission. He may also be involved in community initiatives, fostering unity and empowerment within the Ugandan North American diaspora.

His dedication to public service and his passion for democratic values make him an asset to the organization and the wider community.

Fahad Kizito
EC Member

Fahad Kizito, based in Texas, is a dedicated member of the UNAA (Ugandan North American Association) Electoral Commission, actively contributing to the organization’s progress. As a member of the electoral commission, Fahad Kizito plays a vital role in helping the UNAA move forward and promoting democratic practices.

Fahad Kizito’s contributions to the UNAA Electoral Commission help the organization move forward by ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. His commitment to the UNAA’s mission and his active engagement in driving positive change make him an invaluable member of the commission, playing a vital role in the continued progress and success of the organization.

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