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I also plan to work so hard on up fronting unity in my region since it is the biggest factor that is trying to break us I will ensure that members in my region are always informed about opportunities available through UNAA by communicating through the different media platforms, mobilize and grow membership for UNAA, share information such as
jobs, scholarships, career guidance, seminars and conferences etc to help our members.

Faridah Kuteesa
Representative south pacific region II

My name is faridah kuteesa Farshee , a resident of Canoga Park, California.

I have been an active UNAA member since 2016 and Iam currently serving in my community the Ugandan community of California (UCOC) as community mobiliser, I have also worked with Bantu festival as vice president and currently working as an “Addict counselor” at TTC.

As a council representative, I plan to improve the engagement between my community and UNAA through different mobilization strategies and outreach.

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