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With her dedication and collaborative approach, Flavia helps the UNAA Electoral Commission advance its objectives and foster an environment of trust, accountability, and democratic participation.

Her unwavering commitment to the organization’s progress is instrumental in shaping the future of the UNAA and ensuring its continued success.

Flavia Nakabuye
EC Member

As a member of the UNAA Electoral Commission, Flavia Nakabuye is deeply committed to serving the UNAA community. She actively listens to the concerns and needs of association members, striving to address them effectively. Jennifer’s dedication to the community’s interests and aspirations drives her to contribute to the fair representation of the UNAA membership.

Flavia is dedicated to upholding the principles of transparency, fairness, and inclusivity within the UNAA Electoral Commission. If you have any questions, suggestions, or would like to engage in discussions related to the electoral process, please feel free to reach out to her. Jennifer welcomes the opportunity to connect with fellow members and work together towards a stronger and more representative UNAA.

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