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Fredrick Lubwama

As a UNAA representative, Fredrick believes that we now have an opportunity to redefine and shape UNAA as an organization that will benefit all Ugandans in North America, without relegating those members who work and live in Canada. He strongly believes in teamwork for the betterment of our communities.

Fredrick Lubwama
Representative Mountain (Alberta) Region

Fredrick Lubwama B.Sc, C.E.T, D.PEng, D.I.S.M is a Certified Petroleum Engineering Professional representing the Mountain (Alberta) region in Canada. He is a strong believer in selfless community service and unity amongst community members.

Fredrick has been a community leader as well as a volunteer for several years in a number of organizations and institutions. In the early days of his career, Fredrick served as community leader under the Democratic Party and The Uganda Young Democrats. He also served as a student leader at Makerere University as well as a Youth Leader under the National Youth Council.

Fredrick was a founding and executive board member of the Uganda Youth Alliance Network as well as the African Union Oasis Kampala. He was also a founding and executive board member for the Uganda Network Young Positives Association in Uganda.

Fredrick Lubwama has also served as a community leader for Ugandans in Toronto for two years as well as a President for the Uganda Cultural Association of Alberta for four years in a row. He continues to serve as a volunteer and former leader for the Ugandans in Alberta Canada as well as other initiatives which he continues to run in Uganda.

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