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Georgina Kirunda

As the Director of Development, Georgina Kirunda is committed to implementing mobilization strategies and outreach programs aimed at creating awareness about Life Insurance/Repatriation. She will continue to encourage UNAA members to enroll in the current UNAA Group Life Insurance/Repatriation Program, which became effective in February 2024 and is open to all UNAA members. With her leadership, UNAA members can expect innovative financial initiatives and enhanced support for the organization’s financial stability and growth.

Georgina Kirunda
Director Of Development

Georgina Kirunda, a resident of Atlanta, Georgia, and a Senior Data Scientist by profession, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role as the new Director of Development for UNAA. Since 2001, Georgina has been an active member of UNAA, demonstrating her commitment to the organization’s mission and values.

Throughout her tenure, Georgina Kirunda has held various leadership positions within UNAA, including serving as the UNAA Council S.E Regional Representative and as a two-term Atlanta Chapter President from 2015 to 2019. Her extensive involvement and leadership within UNAA reflect her passion for serving the Ugandan community and driving positive change.

In addition to her contributions to UNAA, Georgina Kirunda has also volunteered for other organizations, including her church, where she has taken on various church-based roles. Her dedication to community service and her ability to mobilize and engage members make her an invaluable asset to UNAA.

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