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Henrietta Wamala

We should also keep in mind that the success of UNAA is not solely dependent on any one individual or administration, but rather on our collective efforts as members of the organization. Together, let us strive for success and work towards achieving our goals as a united community.

Thank you for Standing with UNAA

Henrietta Wamala
UNAA President

Greetings to my fellow Ugandans residing in North America. My name is Henrietta Nairuba Wamala Ssenabulya and I currently reside in Woodridge, Illinois. I works as Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA) with EEHealth.

Am the current President of the Ugandan North American Association that continues to serve you selflessly, diligently, with actionable results.

It is important to remember that as members of UNAA, we are all ambassadors for the organization. As we move forward towards achieving our goals, let us come together and work collaboratively to grow and advance the organization to its full potential. We must all take responsibility for bringing attention to issues that may not be immediately visible.

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