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Henry Luyombya

He is licensed to practice Clinical Social Work in two Canadian provinces of Ontario and Prince Edward Island. He is also a Mental Health Consultant and Regional Director-Atlantic Canada for the Canadian Congress of Inclusive Diversity and Workplace Equity.

He trained in International Development, Political Science and Social Work-AOP, including a Master of Clinical Social Work from University of Toronto, Canada.

Henry Luyombya
UNAA Deputy Speaker

Henry Luyombya (UNAA Deputy Speaker) is a mentor, mentee and knowledge-seeker who firmly believes in principles of equity and social justice. With over 15+ years of community-service, research, and program development experiences in Uganda and Canada, Henry has worked at multiple social service organizations at the Municipal and Provincial levels in Canada.

Between 2013 and 2020, Henry served as a volunteer on several boards including MTV Staying Alive Foundation, the Uganda Canadian Association of the Greater Toronto Area (UCGTA), Buganda Ku Ntikko Cultural Association (BCNA), Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA), and the Ugandan Community in Ontario (UCO).

In 2020, Henry co-founded New African Canadians (NAC), a registered Canadian not-for-profit providing mental wellness, immigration and settlement support for newly-arrived individuals in Canada.

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