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Henry Sssali

Henry Ssali’s contributions as Deputy Chairperson of the UNAA Electoral Commission have made a significant impact on the organization’s electoral processes, helping to ensure a fair and democratic representation of the Ugandan diaspora in North America.

His leadership and expertise continue to shape the future of the UNAA, fostering an environment of trust and accountability

Henry Ssali
EC Member

Henry Ssali, a prominent figure from Canada, holds the esteemed position of Vice President of the UNAA (Ugandan North American Association) Electoral Commission. With a wealth of experience and dedication to promoting fair and transparent elections, Ssali plays a vital role in ensuring the democratic process within the organization.

Henry Ssali’s reputation as a committed and knowledgeable individual in electoral matters has earned him the trust and respect of his colleagues. As the Deputy Chairperson, he collaborates closely with the other members of the Electoral Commission to uphold the principles of democracy and facilitate smooth and credible elections within the UNAA.

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