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James Sssali Babumba
James Ssali Babumba Rph
Board Member

It is with much pleasure that we announce the appointment of the 6 of the 7 required UNAA Board of Trustees as stipulated in the UNAA Constitution Article 5.5.

Mr.  James Ssali Babumba has been appointed to serve on the Board of Trustees for UNAA.

Please join us in Congratulating  James Ssali Babumba on his appointment and trust his service on the Board of Trustees to bring UNAA to the next level of progression.


Mr. James Ssali Babumba was born and raised in Uganda and currently lives in Austin, Texas. He attended to St. Mary’s College Kisubi and then MP Pharm, University of Hamburg, Germany.

Skill expertise

Mr. James Ssali Babumba is a Registered Pharmacist, currently working at CVS and is married with 3 children.

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