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I pride myself on being an attentive listener and possessing a great deal of patience. I believe that effective communication is essential in all aspects of life, and as such, I prioritize listening over speaking.

Joan Bavuga
UNAA Vice President

My name is Joan Bavuga, a licensed social worker born and raised in Kisoro district by the Late Mr. John Bavuga and Ms. Caroline Ikuze Bavuga. I am a proud mother of two beautiful boys Norman and Michael Bavuga whom i have lived with in Taylor, Michigan since 2009.

During my stay in Michigan, I served the Ugandan community in Michigan (UCOM) as vice president from 2018-2020 having been selected by the community in my absence and without a single campaign.
The community members saw that I could lead and move forward the diverse community we are while promoting togetherness.
I have also been a member of the Ugandan North America Association since 2014.

Having a deep love and pride for my Ugandan heritage, I have been closely monitoring the happenings within UNAA as a member. As an outsider looking in, I have identified opportunities to contribute to the growth of the organization. Additionally, I have also noticed some areas that require improvement and would be willing to leverage my expertise and training to help address them.

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