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With her dedication and collaborative approach, Wakou helps the UNAA Electoral Commission advance its objectives and foster an environment of trust, accountability, and democratic participation.

Her unwavering commitment to the organization’s progress is instrumental in shaping the future of the UNAA and ensuring its continued success.

Joan Namugabo
EC Member

Joan Namugabo values collaboration and actively engages with other commission members and stakeholders to foster an environment of open dialogue and collective decision-making. By embracing diverse perspectives and encouraging active participation, she ensures that the electoral procedures reflect the interests and aspirations of the UNAA membership. Jennifer believes that collaboration leads to stronger outcomes and strengthens the democratic fabric of the association.

With her deep understanding of electoral governance, Joan Namugabo contributes valuable knowledge and experience to the UNAA Electoral Commission. Her expertise in electoral procedures, rules, and regulations enables the commission to effectively manage and execute elections. Jennifer’s meticulous approach and commitment to upholding standards of excellence contribute to the success of the electoral process within the UNAA.

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