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As the new UNAA President, Lambert Etibot’s vision is clear: to propel the organization forward, embracing progress and unity. Join us in welcoming Lambert as he leads us towards a future marked by growth, inclusivity, and positive change.

Lambert Etibot
UNAA President

Lambert Etibot, the newly appointed President of UNAA, hailing from Dallas, Texas. With over 15 years of dedicated service as a UNAA member, Lambert brings a wealth of experience and a deep-rooted passion for the organization’s mission.

Lambert is renowned for his exceptional mobilization skills, uniting communities with ease and grace. His reputation as a mobilizer is a testament to his ability to inspire collective action.

Family holds a special place in Lambert’s heart, and this sentiment is reflected in his leadership style. His family-oriented approach fosters a sense of unity and belonging within the UNAA community.

Beyond his role in the organization, Lambert is a committed philanthropist, making significant contributions to charitable causes. His generosity has positively impacted countless lives.

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