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Paul Nteyafa
Representative for Rocky Mountains Region.

Paul P. Nteyafa is a businessman / jack of all trades. He is the representative for the Rocky Mountains Region in the UNAA. This region comprises of the following states; Colorado, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming.

Paul has been able to start up an immigration support program (90 days resettlement programs) for new immigrants which includes, helping immigrants with processing their documents easily, setting up a community office, working on social security for immigrants, community bail and bonds for immigrants, community employment opportunities E, community bank account establishment, helping immigrants with easy opening of individual bank accounts, coming up with saving sacco programs, community startup capital and soft loans for immigrants, creating cultural and religious awareness, working on marriages for Ugandans, helping with driver’s license/auto ownership in the community, setting up UNAA and Uganda Establishment investment.



PRIMARY: Rubaga Boys.
SECONDARY: Uganda Marty’s Rubaga (O level) & Katikamu SDA (A-level).
*Business management / Nursing and Real Estate.
* Business management (community college of Denver).
* Real Estate and Nursing (community college of Aurora).
* Risk management insurance and Entrepreneurship (university of Denver).

Skill expertise

Paul is a man of all seasons who works to dramatically maintain clicks-and-mortar solutions.

  • Business Mangement
  • Risk Management Insurance
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Real Estate

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