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Sam Ssebuwufu Seruwu

Sam Ssebuwufu Seruwu is a valued member of the Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) Electoral Commission, playing an integral role in ensuring the democratic processes and smooth functioning of the commission. His dedication and commitment contribute to the successful organization and execution of elections within the UNAA.

Sam Ssebuwufu Seruwu
EC Treasurer

Sam Ssebuwufu is a dedicated and accomplished individual who recently assumed the role of Treasurer in the UNAA Electoral Commission. With a strong belief in democratic values, Sam is committed to promoting inclusive and representative decision-making processes within the organization. His deep understanding of financial management and strategic planning enables him to effectively fulfill his responsibilities as Treasurer. Sam’s passion for fostering an environment that encourages broad participation and equitable representation makes him an invaluable asset to the UNAA Electoral Commission. With his expertise and commitment, he actively contributes to the commission’s mission of upholding democratic principles and ensuring a fair electoral process for all UNAA members.

As a member of the UNAA Electoral Commission, Sam Ssebuwufu Seruwu recognizes the significance of engaging with the wider UNAA community. He values the input and feedback of association members, ensuring their voices are heard and considered. By actively engaging with the community, Sam works towards building a stronger and more representative UNAA.

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