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Shantal Mbabazi

A fervent advocate for UNAA Shantal Mbabazi consistently represents and speaks highly of the organization, embodying its values and goals. With Shantal as the Executive Secretary, UNAA is poised for a future marked by unity, progress, and community-driven initiatives. Join us in welcoming Santal to her new role and look forward to the positive impact she will undoubtedly make.

Shantal Mbabazi
UNAA Executive Secretary

Meet Shantal Mbabazi, the newly appointed Executive Secretary of UNAA. With a remarkable 15-year tenure as a UNAA member, Shantal brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the organization’s mission.

Shantal is celebrated for her exceptional mobilization skills, effortlessly rallying support for UNAA’s initiatives. Her down-to-earth nature and genuine approach make her a relatable and an approachable leader.

Putting her community first in all endeavors, Shantal’s leadership is characterized by inclusivity and empathy. Her tireless dedication and hardworking spirit shine through in all that she does.

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