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Trisha Nakato Ssebanakitta

As a youth female representative in UNAA, Trisha Nakato Ssebanakitta serves as a voice for the younger generation, and to help the organization understand and address the needs and concerns of young people.

Trish Nakato Ssebanakitta
Female Youth Representative (CANADA)

In an era dominated by digital advancements, it becomes crucial to enhance online resources for the Ugandan community residing in both Uganda and Canada. With the backing and direction of the UNAA community, Trisha Nakato Ssebanakitta suggests the development of informative content utilizing platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. By delving into subjects such as Ugandan perspectives on visa processes and other relevant topics, her aim is to contribute to bridging the gap between the two nations and fostering a stronger sense of community transcending geographical borders.

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