Update on UNAA Candidates
Dear UNAA Members,
Pursuant to the UNAA Constitution and the 2021 UNAA Electoral Commission  Processes and Guidelines, the Electoral Commission has completed its mandated  obligation of certifying candidates and would like to announce that each of the  candidates listed is now officially cleared and certified to run and campaign for the  position stated in his/her manifesto.
– 2021 UNAA campaigns are now officially open –  

Electoral Commission received 43 nominee applications. 41 were validated and  cleared one candidate did not meet the EC nominee requirements hence could not be  cleared by the EC. Another candidate withdrew her candidacy.  

Candidates are reminded to familiarize themselves with election procedures and  guidelines. The 2021 UNAA EC Process and Guidelines document is attached for  reference purposes. In this document, the section titled, “Election Day Processes and  Procedures” will serve as a guide for election activities that will follow. 

We thank all 2021 Candidates and wish them luck.

Respectfully submitted,
Florence Bazanye UNAAEC Chairperson

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