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UNAA Elections
UNAA 2021 Post Election Report

Good day UNAA Members, Please find the UNAA Post Election Audit Report attached to this official communication. The Electoral Commission already presented the Audit Report to UNAA Leadership in a meeting held on Wednesday October 27th, 2021. The Audit Report is now available to all UNAA Members. Please[...]

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UNAA Electoral Preparations

Dear UNAA Members, 2021 Election Day is fast approaching. UNAA members, as you prepare to vote for your future leaders be cautious of disinformation. Candidates, the final days of the Elections are important, it’s your responsibility to give the public accurate, and evidence based information to make informed[...]

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Update on UNAA Candidates

Dear UNAA Members, Pursuant to the UNAA Constitution and the 2021 UNAA Electoral Commission Processes and Guidelines, the Electoral Commission has completed its mandated obligation of certifying candidates and would like to announce that each of the candidates listed is now officially cleared and certified to run and[...]

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UNAA 2021 Voter’s Register

Dear UNAA Members, As we draw closer to the 2021 UNAA General Elections, the EC would like to inform the UNAA members that we have updated the voters register as of – Wednesday Aug 8th 2021 and members are encouraged to cross check and verify that their names[...]

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Cincinnati 2021 UNAA Convention

Dear members, this year Labor Day weekend September 3 – September 6 all roads lead to the Hyatt Regency Hotel Cincinnati Ohio for the 33rd UNAA convention. The Cincinnati Drive is about Under 2 hours from Kentucky, 5 hours from Tennessee, 2 hours from Indiana, 5 hours’ drive[...]

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