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UNAA 2023 Election Guidelines, Processes & A Call For Nominations


Dear UNAA Members,
We trust this email finds you well.

We are pleased to announce that the Uganda North American Association (UNAA) 2023 Elections are forthcoming, and the guidelines and processes pertaining to the elections are herein attached.

This year’s elections offer an excellent opportunity for all members in good standing to play an active role in shaping the future of UNAA. We equally hereby issue a Call for Nominations for all executive and council positions. We welcome all eligible members to put their names forward and contribute to our esteemed association’s continuing growth.

Download Elections Guidelines and Processes

The Elections Committee has worked meticulously to outline clear, comprehensive guidelines and processes for this year’s elections. These guidelines detail the requirements for eligibility, the election timeline, voting processes, and procedures for dispute resolution. You can find the complete attachment herewith. We request all members to read these guidelines thoroughly to ensure a smooth and fair election process.

Download Call for Nominations

We are also excited to announce a Call for Nominations for the UNAA 2023 elections. If you or someone you know is committed to promoting the goals of the UNAA and would make a valuable addition to the organization’s leadership team, we encourage you to submit a nomination. The positions open for election this year include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, among others. A full list of positions and the respective responsibilities is available in our guidelines and processes.

Download Candidate’s Agreement

For those considering candidacy, please pay special attention to the attached “Candidate’s Agreement”. It is mandatory that potential candidates complete this agreement, sign it, and attach a copy of their receipt. The duly filled and signed agreement, together with your nomination and the receipt, should be submitted within the deadline outlined in the Elections Guidelines.

In case of queries or if you require any further clarification regarding the election process or the nominations, feel free to send an email to the EC Secretary at [email protected].

We look forward to a democratic and engaging election process. Thank you for your participation and support in strengthening the Uganda North American Association.

Best Regards

Asher Kasule

UNAA EC Chairperson

UNAA Admin

UNAA is the largest non-political formal association of Ugandans in the Diaspora. Our organization aims to promote the social, cultural and economic development of the Ugandan Community in North America and beyond. The Ugandan Community in North America numbers over 120,000 individuals.

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