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Director Of IT Appointment

UNAA Appointment For Director Of IT & Communications

Dear UNAA Members and Diaspora Community at Large,

It is with much pleasure that I announce the appointment of the Three UNAA Directors as stipulated in _Article 6.7, 6.8 and 6.9 of the UNAA Constitution._

Mr. Denis Bazalirwa has been Appointed as the UNAA Director of Communications.

Denis is a seasoned Software Engineer with experience in System Administration, Software design and analysis, Web Design, Hardware and software maintenance, Cyber Security, and Network Administration.

Denis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology from Makerere University and a Master’s Degree in Software Engineering and another Master’s Degree in Information Technology from University of St Thomas, Minnesota.

Denis has actively been volunteering for UNAA. He currently resides in Minnesota. Denis has also volunteered for Caring hearts Minnesota, Uganda Women Minnesota, Twegaite International, Buganda Bumu & Ggwanga Mujje nonprofit organizations.

Please join me in Congratulating Denis on his Appointment and he comes with the much-needed wealth of IT and Software Engineering required for our organization.



Henrietta Nairuba Wamala

President & CEO, UNAA on behalf of the Ugandan North American Association Leadership.


UNAA Admin

UNAA is the largest non-political formal association of Ugandans in the Diaspora. Our organization aims to promote the social, cultural and economic development of the Ugandan Community in North America and beyond. The Ugandan Community in North America numbers over 120,000 individuals.

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