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UNAA Pays A Visit To Housing Finance Bank Uganda


Dear UNAA Membership and Diaspora at Large,

Greetings from the Pearl of Africa. We pray that you are all doing well.
We are happy to let you know that on Wednesday, Housing Finance Bank Uganda unveiled its partnership with The Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) through which customers will be able to pay for their UNAA registration and subscription fees at Housing Finance Branches in Uganda.

During the Press conference, here are some of the remarks that were noted;

“As an indigenous bank, we take pride in strategic partnerships such as this, as they enable us to provide a wide range of financial solutions to our customers and our brothers and sisters domiciled in the diaspora.”Mugabi Mk, MD, HFB.

This partnership also will give our UNAA Registrants options, especially those that are not near a Postbank and was implemented after permission from the UNAA BOT in a meeting the Executive had with the BOT on January 14th, 2023.

“The features they are offering us go beyond just Banking and into advisory services on the various services offered by HFB, as diaspora and also because of the ease that they give our customers when it comes to online banking, I can tell that I feel safe because I can transact anywhere and my personal accounts will be safe.”Henrietta Wamala, UNAA President.

We look forward to working with you all,



Henrietta Nairuba Wamala

President & CEO, UNAA on behalf of the Ugandan North American Association Leadership.

UNAA Admin

UNAA is the largest non-political formal association of Ugandans in the Diaspora. Our organization aims to promote the social, cultural and economic development of the Ugandan Community in North America and beyond. The Ugandan Community in North America numbers over 120,000 individuals.

Comments (2)

  1. Nayiga Mayimunah

    28 Apr 2023 - 13:39

    I want to attend the conference but have now company to represent so Can u please help me which easiest way or strong reason Can I put in my application so that I can be granted avisa

    • UNAA

      02 May 2023 - 03:56

      UNAA doesnt offer such advice. *Disclaimer:* UNAA has no control over the visa process nor does the organization guarantee visa approvals, early registration is thus recommended.

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